New Teacher Profile: Tyler Turner

From Issue 1

Tyler Turner is the new football coach for Jackson Prep Varsity Football team. He was chosen as the new coach by a search committee that thoroughly searched for the best option. His hiring was announced on March 23. Coach Turner was an obvious choice for the school due to his coaching history. He has boosted many football programs in the past.

When asked what attracted him to Prep, he said, “Jackson Prep has a rich tradition of athletic and academic excellence.The hiring committee really sold the school and the athletic program which made it very clear that Prep is a place that I wanted to be and where I wanted my children to one day be.” 

He has a wife, Amanda, a son named Cross, and a daughter named Kennedy. He is originally from Troy, Tennessee but he also lived in Hendersonville, Tennessee. 

When asked about if he always wanted to be a coach he said, “I grew up wanting to be a lawyer when I was in elementary school, but after being involved in football during high school and recognizing all the traits it instilled in me such as a work ethic, responsibility, teamwork, performing under pressure, and overcoming adversity, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of long term. On top of that, I love to compete, watch my guys get better, and love the game of football.”

Overall, Coach Turner a great fit for our school. He brings with him that same mentality of never settling and always getting better that has been instilled in our football program for decades.