Art gallery adds flair to library

From Issue 3


Studying the earth may seem boring to some, but it is pretty exciting. Cartography, the design of maps, is easily one of the most overlooked forms of art. The Jackson Prep art gallery showed their appreciation for Cartography in the exhibit showing off some ancient maps and honoring the local artists who created them from the beginning of August to the end of September. 

A featured Mississippi artist said, “I got an invitation from Ms. Shive, who is a friend of mine, to display some art from my gallery. We both thought that it would be a very good idea to have current works of art displayed to inspire young artists at the school. I even feel like people who are not as interested in art could be inspired by the pieces we have displayed.”  All of the art in the gallery were pieces from Mississippi artists. 

This year, Rosemary Ferguson was chosen to be featured in the Annual Alumni Art Exhibition. Fifteen pieces of her art were displayed from October 4th through 29th in the Mary Katherine Loyacono McCravey Art Gallery. Rosie graduated from prep in 2017. She is currently a senior at Mississippi State University double majoring in Fine Arts and Psychology. Due to her busy college schedule and traveling, there was not a reception to celebrate the temporary showcasing of Rosie’s works.

For the November show National Art Honor Society has created an installation of origami cranes in the library. Origami cranes became a symbol for peace when a young Japanese girl living in post-WWII Japan set out to fold a thousand paper cranes because of a Japanese legend that claimed anyone who folded a thousand cranes would have their wish granted. The cranes were created by various classes and advisories on campus.

Sophmore Olivia Smith said, “In my AP European history class  Mr. Upchurch assigned all of us to bring maps of European countries to fold origami cranes.” She finished by saying, “They were challenging at first to make, but once I had made  a few and gotten the hang of it, it was so fun and worth the paper cuts I got. I’m so excited to see all of them hanging in the library, but espiacally mine. Hopefully I can find them!”