OPINION: Are the Summer Olympics better than the Winter Olympics?

From Issue 7

graphic by Anna Cate Hays

There is no doubt that the Summer Olympics are more favored and watched over the winter. Even though everyone has a preference on which Olympics are better; there are a lot of factors that make the Summer Olympics much better. 

The Summer Olympics are much more inclusive than the winter. It does not require a certain climate to compete in. While Winter Olympics have to be held in cold climates, the summer games can be held almost anywhere. Not all countries have the climate that allows athletes to adequately train and (or) compete in.

The Summer Olympics have such a variety in who wins the summer sports, which also contributes to making it more interesting to watch. Most of the time countries with colder temperatures are able to come away with the win, and athletes located in the southern hemisphere are not able to be included in the games. Many high schools across the country have sports that are competed in the Summer Olympics which makes it more relatable for viewers. 

There is a wide variation in the Summer Olympics, so it is able to suit any preferences. If someone doesn’t like the swimming events, they can go watch the tennis matches. Many of the winter sports seem very similar. For example, there are six different skiing events which if you are an outsider looking in, making it very confusing.  

The summer games sports rely more on the ability of athletes rather than equipment/climate. Many sports like track and field, volleyball, swimming, and soccer do not require a judge because they are objective. Most of the winter sports need judges, making it very subjective which in certain situations can be unfair. It can be very hard for winter athletes to reach their greatest potential if there is an unfair score. The Summer Olympics showcase the athletes inherent ability and strength and athleticism over equipment that are in the Winter Olympic sports, and this is why it is more interesting to watch. 

Everyone has different opinions and preferences about which Olympics they like better, but numbers don’t lie. The Summer Olympics have a much higher viewing than the Winter Olympics. Although every time the games roll around, let it be the Winter or Summer Games, they bring everyone together to see the best of the best, which is what it’s all about.