New Teacher Profile: Valerie Abraham


Evelyn Waterloo

Ms. Valerie Abraham in her new classroom

Ms. Valerie Abraham is not only Prep’s new French I teacher, but she is also French herself.

Ms. Abraham, who has taken on the large task of teaching one of Prep’s largest classes, came to Mississippi from France when she was 22 as part of an exchange student program at Ole Miss. She was born and raised in France but always wanted to expand her horizons, which sparked her interest in coming to Mississippi. 

Ms. Abraham did her undergraduate work at the University of Nantes in France, and has a Master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has taught at both the secondary and college level, including stints at St. Andrew’s and MRA.   

Ms. Abraham said she loves teaching here at Prep, and her favorite part of teaching is watching students through the learning process. She says she enjoys helping students who may struggle with teaching through her empathy for those who need help. She also makes learning easier for students through educational games and songs. Her love for teaching French does not stop in middle school; she is hoping to expand to the elementary school once it is built to teach introduction to world languages.

In addition to school,  Ms. Abraham has many outside interests. She loves to make candles, and to see and photograph her surroundings. She loves to travel, and discover new cultures. She also enjoys painting and writing.