New Teacher Profile: Mimi Bailey

Ms. Mimi Bailey prepares her fifth-grade class for the One School, Many Books event. (Noble)

As the first fifth-grade teacher at Jackson Prep, Ms. Mimi Bailey is breaking new ground. 

After dreaming of becoming a teacher since her childhood, Ms. Bailey earned a Masters of Elementary Education from Mississippi State University. She taught both fourth and fifth grade in Rankin and Clinton Public School District. Later, she taught at First Presbyterian Day School as a kindergarten teacher to be a bigger part of the daily lives of her four kids, Jake, Maggie, Aubrey, and Cate.

Ms. Bailey is most excited to be teaching the new fifth-grade class at Prep and to be a part of the advancement of the Lower School. Her goal is to make an impact on children by shaping them academically, socially, and spiritually. As an elementary teacher, she strives to be an important figure in her students’ lives by guiding them from a young age to success later in life.

Her two main hobbies are reading and travel. Her favorite books are historical fiction, light novels, and mysteries. She loves to visit the beach, and her favorite travel destination is Greece. Bailey and her husband, Benje, cheer for the Mississippi State Bulldogs every sports season and love to watch their kids participate in sports.

As the first teacher for many students in the Class of 2030, Ms. Bailey will set the stage for their Jackson Prep experience.