Mustard Seed named as Prep’s new community service partner

From Issue 2

The Mustard Seed is Prep’s 2022-2023 Service Club community partner. Located in Brandon, Mississippi off of Luckney Road, the Mustard Seed is a nonprofit that provides housing to mentally challenged adults in a Chrstian based environment. There is a men’s house and a women’s house located on their Brandon campus with ten residents living in each. They also offer a day program for clients with families who live close-by and twenty-two of the Seedsters opt to do this instead of living in the group homes. 

The Seedsters spend a lot of their time during the day creating artwork (mostly ceramics) which are sold in campus gift shop. Painting and creating pottery give the clients a creative outlet and the profits from the art sales are used to pay for more art supplies, housing, and other expenses that would otherwise come out of pocket or from donations. 

Senior Romney Mcleod, this year’s Service Club president, says that she is “beyond excited for the opportunity to lead people to serve the community”, and that she is “so excited for what’s in store this year with the club’s new community partner”.