New Teacher Profile: Leslie Decker

Ms. Leslie Decker (Elliot)

A Prep graduate, Ms. Leslie Decker, a new addition to the art department, makes her way to Prep for this school year.

Ms. Decker has a long history of loving art, having a genuine passion in art all the way back to her childhood. She descends from a line of artists, consisting of her grandparents and parents who supported her through her dedication to art. In college, she earned a Bachelor of University Studies with an emphasis in creative arts and health and human services from the University of Mississippi. In this period of her life, she assisted her mother with her jewelry business, something that she would inspire from in the future to later create her own jewelry and design business, Alex and Lele. 

Recently, Ms. Decker has pursued a more educational career, substitute teaching art at Prep, FPDS, and Covenant Preschool. She has also helped her husband Cliff in architecture by helping him design and draw homes for his company, Decker and Sons. Now at Prep, she teaches all grade levels through glass design, drawing, painting, and her favorite style because of the freedom it allows to fully express herself, mixed media.

Ms. Decker’s personal life consists of raising her three children Grace, Mary Thomas, and Clifton. She partakes in photography, painting, and playing tennis. Her favorite place she has traveled to is Italy with its great art and architecture, and she also loves to visit the beach. Her favorite pastime is to always be working on something with her artistic abilities.

Both students and teachers are excited for Ms. Decker’s full arrival as a teacher at Prep. She is welcomed with open arms into the Prep family and will be acquainted and well known around the campus very soon.