iOS 16 brings new features to iPhone

iOS 16, Apple’s latest update of their mobile operating system, was released on September 12, and  includes updates to the lock screen, the messaging system, security, and numerous other additions. 

The lock screen now includes a wide variety of new personalization features, which include: a depth effect that displays the photo in front of the time, font customization, and the addition of widgets onto the lock screen. In my opinion, this is the main feature of the update and is the most used. 

Other features include the ability to edit a message by unsending it, marking it as unread, or rewriting it. Security additions have also been made by adding passkeys, which Apple states can’t be phished or leaked, to Safari. They are a replacement for passwords that use touch and face ID along with iCloud, giving users the ability to sign in to websites on any device with their phone. 

A minor feature that may have gone unnoticed by many has been added to photos. It allows users to cut out the key feature of an image by tapping and holding on it to convert it into its own photo. 

Overall, I feel like Apple expanded the capabilities of iOS and it is not disappointing, giving us various new features that can be used in many aspects of our lives.