New Teacher Profile: Ginny Futvoye

Ms. Ginny Futvoye in her art class (Gar)

Ms. Ginny Futvoye is a new art teacher at Jackson Prep. She first became interested in what would become her career while only in fifth grade, although she recalled that “It was when I was in elementary school and had to draw and label a grasshopper for a science project that my parents knew I should pursue art lessons.” 

Ms. Futvoye’s favorite thing about her current job at prep is that she can see the pride and sense of accomplishment in the face of students after they finish their artwork. She  also sells some of her work; she thinks that the piece that she is most proud of is a Kentucky landscape.  This piece was to benefit the tornado victims of western Kentucky and her hometown. Over 9,000 dollars were raised for the cause. Ms. Fuvoye said, “Over the years it has been fun for me to see where my paintings end up. A couple of years ago, at the Laurel Rodgers Museum’s live auction, my painting landed in the hands of Chris Stapleton.” 

Although Ms. Futvoye loves teaching and diving into the arts, she also has other hobbies, such as traveling the globe. Amongst her many adventures in the past, she got to go to Europe with her husband and three young children for six weeks as part of her husband’s job 2009. She says that it was a wonderful experience, and they were able to go all across Switzerland, including Chur- which is where they stayed.

Ms. Futvoye is also interested in research, which is not too surprising for such a successful artist. She likes to spend her free time looking up interesting ideas on the web, preparing for more activities that her art classes can perform.