“The Highway” Leads To Prep

SiriusXM Channel 56 Tells World About the School

The Highway Leads To Prep

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Each week “The Highway,” which is broadcast on SiriusXM, picks a high school to feature as their Highway High.  Jackson Prep was chosen out of 1,000 high schools around the South and is featured as the school for the third week of September.

“The Highway” airs on Channel 56 of the satellite radio provider and is part of the New Country genre.

The show has featured the story of Walker Wilbanks and how Prep came together in these tragic moments.  The show interviewed the Wilbanks family as well as faculty and students from different sports teams and school life.

Among those included in the show were:  Sheila and David Wilbanks, Gene Wood, Brock Newman, Will Crosby, Tracie Mallard, Anna Rachel Roberts, Marita Bane, Lou Ann McKibben, John William Creel and Courtney Burrow.

Senior class president John William Creel commandeers Dr. Walton’s office for an interview with “The Highway.” Photo courtesy of Dr. Jason Walton.

The interviews will be featured on the show throughout the week, and Friday’s football game against MRA will be heard on the air.

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