Flannel Shirt Day Ends Camp Kandu Week

Service Club Continues Spotlight on Fight Against Diabetes.

(L-R) Gracie Tew, Sarah Kennedy Duncan, Marian Andress, and Adam Field, all flannel-ed up. Photo courtesy of Ms. Anne Duncan.

The Service Club organized a “flannel shirt day” to raise awareness for Camp Kandu, which supports the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.

They chose flannel shirts because they fit in with the “camp” theme and, it was something for people to see so that they wouldn’t just fly straight by and never notice the foundation. Even if they don’t end up donating for several years or until they have a business of their own, at least they have heard of the Diabetes Foundation and might remember it.

This Foundation helps diabetic children and their parents by educating families on diabetes and preparing packages for schools to help the children affected. They also hold a number of events such as camp kandu and fun runs.

Service club collected art supplies for the kids to use at the next session of Camp Kandu in the spring. Prep is trying to help this cause by donating these things so that the diabetes foundation can spend money on research and developing a cure.

Senior Matthew Drennan, decked in flannel, orders a treat during the Camp Kandu week. Photo by Haynes Horsley.