Alumni Give Career Perspective to Juniors

Alumni speak to juniors about prospects in the business world. Photo by Haynes Horsley.

Thursday, January 15, the junior class was given the opportunity to listen to Jackson Prep alumni in four different fields.  These fields included business, medicine, marketing, and education/ministry.  During these meetings the students listened to professionals in these fields, with the ability to ask them question and to hear about their work.  In the financial field the alumni included Natalie Lefoldt Arnemann, Katherine Cox Dehmer, Charles Marion, and Matt Collins.  The medicine field included Jamie Reed Clay, Kathy Travis Gregg, Paige Noble, and Todd Perkins.  The marketing field included Woody Craig, Chris Myers, Jimmy Nix, and Swayze Neyland Pentecost.  The education/ministry field included Emily Ray Oswalt, Mary Largent Purvis, Greg Meyer, and Grace Bateman Greene.  The school hopes that this helps the juniors to look ahead to their future careers.