Campus Upgrades For 2015-2016 School Year

Since Prep dismissed for summer break, much work has been done to the school.

The new JH facade. After photo by Ellis Abdo.

Both the senior high and the junior high buildings have new front facades. This work started right after school was dismissed and was finished at the beginning of August.

The JH’s new tech hub. After photo by Ellis Abdo.

A tech hub was built in the junior high to match the one in the senior high, taking the place of the former supply closet in the foyer.

Throughout the school, some classrooms now have IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint allows the students to work as a group and use the walls of the classroom as their workspace. Additionally, new home for the junior high literary magazine was placed in Ms Kimberly Reedy’s room.

The pottery studio also got a big expansion over the break. It now has much space, and another kiln has been added.

Several senior high rooms were renovated, and in Ms. Leah Heath’s room in the Guyton Science Center, new desks were added to create mobility and easier group work for her students.

Academic areas were not the only thing upgraded over the break. The football field got new light bulbs and the track was resurfaced.