New Nintendo 3DS Review

From Issue 6

vg.hh.01.lgIt is becoming more and more apparent that Nintendo thinks the world is still in the 1980’s and they can do whatever they want because they’re still the titan of the video game industry. At least, that is the idea that I get from the circumstances surrounding the New Nintendo 3DS, their new console released back on March 13th.

I’d like to pause for a second to say that most of the times I make a mention to the New Nintendo 3DS, I am actually talking about its larger variant, the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This is because Nintendo lacks knowledge of the very basic economic concept of supply and demand and therefore have abstained from releasing the normal model in North America. The problem with not being able to have the normal model is that we all miss out on the ability to switch out the faceplates to customize our consoles.

While the 3DS XL features the ability to use new amiibo models; it’s too bad that amiibo models are another thing on the list of products that Nintendo is not fully supporting in North America. For some reason, Nintendo seems really keen on holding out their products on a large portion of their customer base.

The new 3DS XL features a 90% larger body than the original model. For something that has “XL” in the name, the DS is pleasantly sized without being too large. The console also features two new L buttons on the shoulders and a new C-stick for better camera and player control, although regular 3DS games don’t support the new controls.

The interface is very similar to the older model, with a few slight upgrades in terms of internet support and processing power. Fortunately, for all of Nintendo’s faults, they still went against the norm of modern-day consoles and gave the new 3DS the ability to play older 3DS games and use the same charger.

However, for every positive Nintendo action, there is an equal and opposite negative action; it’s like Newton’s Third Law of Gaming. Even though the new 3DS has the same charging port as the original, the console doesn’t come with a charger when you buy it, so you have to buy a charger separately if you don’t already have one.

Not only that, but the new 3DS can play original 3DS games, but the original 3DS can’t play new 3DS games, so even if you do have a 3DS, you are going to have to spend $200 if you want to play the exclusive new games. So overall, the new Nintendo 3DS is not worth your money if you already own a 3DS; unless, you’re a big fan of Nintendo, then there’s really nothing that I can say that will change your mind.

While the new 3DS is a fairly good mobile console, dealing with Nintendo’s wretched business policies makes the experience unpleasant.