2015-2016 Pacers Announced


Your 2015-2016 award-winning, intergalactic, and world famous Pacers are…

Captain: Emily Ellison

1st Lieutenant: Anna Miller Rebich

2nd Lieutenant: Mollie Merrell


Avery Andress, Shelby Andress, Miriam Box, Anne Clark Harvey, Lindsey Howard, Maddy Mazzaferro, Greer Underwood, Katie Walker, and Lawson Yelverton


Ann Clardy Byrd, Jordan Davis, McKenzie Davis, Rosemary Ferguson, Emily Claire Herring, Addy Hughes, Chatham Kennedy, Gracie McCraney, London Miskelly, Caroline Pringle, Sarah Helen Skelton, and Brittany Wilkinson


Mallory Abraham, Courtney Burrow, Sarah Love Frey, Mollie Griffin, Molly Haire, Kelley Frances Henley, Marie Merrell, Olivia Montagnet, Martha Rayner, Anna Wise, Brooke Womack, and Kristina Zouboukos