Music, Writing to Meet at Earthwinds Coffeehouse

On April 24, Jackson Prep’s literary magazine will be holding its annual Coffeehouse. The Coffeehouse is put on by Earthwinds on the same day that they release their new magazine. The event allows students to perform in front of the student body on Patriot Avenue. Musical acts will be alternated with spoken selections from the new magazine. Drinks and snacks will be provided for a small price.

The list of students performing music is set to include:

  1. 11:00-11:05 “Heart of Gold”-Dees Baker, Trey Box, John William Creel
  2. 11:05-11:10″Gimme Shelter”-Jordan Barclay, Trey Marchetti, Tyler Wann
  3. 11:10-11:15″Like I’m Gonna Lose You”-Jordan Barclay, Victoria Holmes, Gregor Patti
  4. 11:15-11:20″i”-Jordan Barclay, Isaac Clapp, Trey Box, Jennings Duncan, JP Gathings, Carson Hornsby, Lawson Marchetti, Claire Parrish, Tyler Wann
  5. 11:20-11:25″Shake it Off”-Claire Parrish, Jennifer Roberts
  6. 11:25-11:30 An original piece by Trey Box, Dees Baker, Adam Field, Lawson Marchetti
  7. 11:30-11:35 David Velazquez Freestyle
  8. 11:35-11:40 “Why Try To Change Me Now”- Dees Baker, Trey Box, Adam Field, Steve Kincaid, Lawson Marchetti