New Teacher Profile: JoJo Herring

IMG_2507Ms. JoJo Herring is starting her first year here at Jackson Prep. She teaches eigth grade honors math, ninth grade college prep math, and also coaches MathCounts.

Before she came to Jackson Prep, Herring taught at Madison Middle. She recalls that she used to compete against Prep in MathCounts. She said they were always really competitive.

Herring believes that all students can do math if they put effort into everything they do. One thing she always tells her students is “work smarter, not harder”.

When not at school, Herring loves to spend time with her husband, Johnny, and two stepchildren, Rebecca and Ben. She also has a border collie named Lucy.  A fun fact about Herring is that she enjoys fishing.

Herring says the one thing she loves most about Jackson Prep is the students and the environment. She said all of the students are so entertaining and make her day so much fun.