In Case You Were Wondering: What Goes Into Preparing for a Pep Rally?

From Issue 2

Preparing for Friday pep rallies may look simple, but it’s very complex. Cheerleaders, Pacers, band members, and parents put in work every day each week preparing for the pep rally. IMG_8052

It all starts as early as the summer, when the cheerleading squad decides the theme for each pep rally. “We paint all of our signs in this summer so during the week, we can focus on practicing the dances and cheers” said Leigh Ashley Courtney. Anything needed for the pep rally is also ordered during the summer like; tank tops, props for pep rally, balloons, and pom poms. The cheer squad then picks out the music for each pep rally and begin to put playlists together.

“On Thursdays, we feed the football players and then decorate for the pep rally” said Leigh Ashley Courtney. Thursday’s are known as “Burger Days” where the cheerleaders prepare the football team for friday with post practice snacks of Wendy’s cheeseburgers and a dessert. “Burger day is our favorite because it’s relaxed and we get to eat,” said Leigh Ashley Courtney.

The cheerleaders meet in the gym after school for “set up.” “It is really important that everyone helps because hanging all of the signs signs and lights can take a long time” said Leigh Ashley Courtney. They hang all of the signs for that pep rally and then start to tackle the lights. The lights are much work, because you must have extension cords in order for the lights to reach and be able to wrap around the signs. Lights are also used to light the bleachers up. The lights then must be secured with zip ties; this take quite a long time.peprally

Moms are big help in setting up the for the pep rallies. The tunnel that the football players walk through has to be laid out on the gym floor. This requires heavy duty and even more extension cords. Mats then have to be placed under the tunnel to protect the gym floor from being scratched up.

After all signs have been hung, lights been arranged and the tunnel prepared, the cheerleaders then begin to practice for the pep rally. They begin practicing their dance or routine for the pep rally several weeks before, mostly in the mornings before school. The cheer moms are then to be at the gym Friday morning 6 a.m. sharp to blow up balloons to put around the campus, this process takes around an hour. Cheerleaders then double check to make sure nothing has fallen down, and finally the week of preparation is over.

Sophomore cheerleaders Sara Thomas Easley and Emme Aldridge talk about their feelings for the week of preparation, “It takes a lot of time and effort but it is definitely worth it on Fridays. It’s a lot of work, but it is always fun, especially burger day.”peprally0828 911peprally PepRally918

The Pacers also spend countless hours perfecting their dance and formation for during the pep rally. “Getting ready is somewhat stressful, and definitely tiring but it’s all worth it on Friday” said Sophomore Pacer Katie Walker. “Pacer is  life there is nothing I would rather do” said Senior Pacer Mollie Merrell.

The band members also prepare day in and day out. They perform frequently during the pep rally. Primarily the drum line prepares the most, knowing they have their own section of the pep rally and are expected to rock it out.

Countless hours from all three groups go into making sure that every pep rally is the type of event that students will remember for years to come.


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