A Fair to Remember

From Issue 3

For 156 years, Mississippians have lined up outside of the state fairgrounds in anticipation for carnival games, rides, and entertainment. The annual Mississippi State Fair began on October 7th and lasted until October 18th. Over 700,000 people walked down the midway, inhaling the sweet aroma of fried everything.

Traditions never cease at the State Fair. The famous Biscuit Booth was back at the fairgrounds for its twenty-second consecutive year. Fair-goers swarmed the green stand that tirelessly produced free, fluffy biscuits brimming with Blackburn Syrup. The pig races were back on the dirt track for another year. Different species of potbelly pigs raced past the audience in search for the promised cookie. Once again, the State Fair Talent Competition lit up the Mississippi Trade Mart with a variety of young, talented individuals.  Jackson Prep was well represented in this competition. Beth Ann Young, a tenth grader, made it to the finals of the Senior Division. In the Intermediate Division, seventh grader Tori Johnston shared the title of grand champion in addition to receiving second runner-up.

This year, the State Fair had a great entertainment lineup. Artists such as Kraig Parker, Corey Smith, and Joe Nichols wowed audiences. On October 14th, over two hundred people attended the Shawn Mendes concert. Many Prep students went to this concert including tenth grader Anne Clark Harvey who reflects on her experience stating,  “The atmosphere may have been stinky and stuffy, but Shawn was most definitely the life of the party.”

Rides that debuted this year in the midway were the Speed, a turbulent thrill-ride, Thunder Mountain, and Gouda. Eleventh grader Jordan Davis states, “My favorite ride was the Speed because it made you feel like you were falling face first towards the ground. I love to people watch and one of the best places to do it is at the fair.”

While the 2015 State Fair has come to a close, Mississippians continue to look forward to this tradition that will be back when the first cool wind blows next October.