Dr. John Davis Addresses Freshmen

Dr. John Davis left the 9th grade students of Jackson Prep in awe Tuesday, February 16, when he came to speak for the Global Leadership Institute Forum. A Prep alumnus, Dr. Davis came back to campus to tell the students his story.

Dr. John Davis. Photo by Maclain Kennedy.

When he was in 7th grade, Davis transferred to Prep from Jackson Academy. He recalls his middle and high school years at school being challenging, but that didn’t stop him. After completing high school, Dr. Davis attended Mississippi State University, saying those were four of the most amazing years of his life.

This was just the beginning for Davis when he got accepted to Johns Hopkins University. He was fortunate enough to get to work side by side with Ben Carson, telling the students that they constantly talked about politics in the operating room.
After Dr. Davis finished residency, he came back to Jackson, Mississippi with his wife, Leslie, and proceeded to get his masters in health finances and management. His practice started out as a small group, but quickly grew over the course of several years.

In 2008, the company NewSouth NeuroSpine opened in Flowood, Mississippi. Davis, a founding member, has been very successful in his practice. When asked how he did it all, Dr. Davis said that it’s all about learning to say no to yourself. Discovering your strengths and weaknesses and figuring out what it is that you’re good at is the key, and that’s exactly what Dr. John Davis did.

Dr. Davis chats with students after his talk. Photo by Maclain Kennedy.