Yes, I Have a Leap Day Birthday. Yes, I’ve Already Heard Your Joke About It.

IMG_2703Today for me has consisted of phrases such as “Wait, you don’t look 4 years old” and “How are you going to get your license if you are only 4?” and “When do you celebrate your birthday when its not a leap year?”

For those still wondering, just because I have only had 4 “real” birthdays, I have still lived 16 years and I celebrate it every other year on the 28th purely because it is a day sooner. Last year, the 28th fell on a Friday, forcing me to have to wait to the following Monday to get my permit. So Thursday, March 3, I will be on the roads as a fully licensed driver.

The reason for leap year is that the Earth’s revolution around the Sun is about a 1/4 day longer than an even 365 days. So every fourth year, the last 1/4 completes the day therefore creating that extra day, February 29th.

Although many say things like “That’s so weird” and “I’d hate to have it on that day,” I think it is really cool to have. The normal odds of being born on a certain day is 1 in 365, but being born on a leap day is 1 only 1461, meaning only 0.7 percent of the world have this birthday. Also, there are some perks: at places such as Great American Cookie you get free cake, on Snapchat you get a filter for your day, and on Google they made a title for you.

In all, I am glad I was born on this day becuase I think it is pretty cool.