Viewing Drake’s “Views” and Reviewing

From Issue 7

Ladies and gentlemen, October’s Very Own has done it again!

Everyone’s favorite Canadian rapper, Drake, has once again dropped another one of his chart busting, critically acclaimed albums, this time tagging it with the title Views. The album, colloquially known as Views from the 6, was named as a reference to his hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Views is different than most of Drake’s other albums. Most of the tracks are slower and deal with more inner emotions than what is usually produced by Drake. Many of the songs deal with his feelings of his past relationships and where they’ve gone wrong.

Before listening to Views, keep in mind that Drake did not focus on making it with his typical banger rap tracks. This has led many critics to come out as disappointed in the artistic styles that he chose in making Views. Like most artists, Drake wanted to try something new in order to give us a taste in what he is capable of. If there’s one thing that can be learned from listening to Views, it’s that Drake has the ability to to appeal to multiple audience, the quality of a truly great artist.

Views features 17 brand new songs by Drake, and is supported by 3 previously released singles: “Hotline Bling”, “One Dance”, and “Pop Style”. Making appearances in the album are Rihanna (“Too Good”), Future (“Grammys”), and Wizkid & Kyla (One Dance).

Looking through Views one can see the time and dedication that Drake put into making this work of art. Drake begins the album with “Keep the Family Close” where he brings us onto a journey of his artistic conception by introducing us to a cold environment. The first sounds given to the listener are the complaints from a freezing woman, followed by the sounds of swirling wind. A common element throughout Views is the sound of rain and the wind. This is present throughout most of the album. So far, the biggest hit from the album is “One Dance”, which has been played just under 200 million times on Spotify.

Personally, Views appeals to me because I enjoy the tempo of the tracks as opposed to what Drake generally puts out. This album really all comes down to your tastes. If you only like his upbeat rap songs like “6 Man” and “Big Rings”, then you probably won’t be the biggest fan of Views. But if you want a set of tunes that you can sit back and enjoy while sipping on a cup of warm coffee, Views is a great album to do so