International Program to Debut at School

From Issue 7


This summer Prep is beginning a new program where students come from foreign countries to visit the school and learn new things. The program will begin on July 18th and will end on August 1.

The first students will come from a school in China and are all from ages 11 to 14. The students will learn many things including how to speak English. The students will get to learn many new activities including chess, tennis, fishing, pottery, watercolors, 3D printing, chemistry labs, and robotics.

These students will also visit many great places around the state. These places include the Natural Science Museum, the Children’s Museum, Wolfe Studio, the Mississippi Art Museum, and an all-day trip to many sites around Natchez.

The faculty at Prep will play a huge role in the success of the camp. Several members of the faculty will help with the camp including: Ms. Kimberly Van Uden, Ms. KC Williams, Coach Chris Moore, Mr. David Hogue, Ms. Leslie Morton, Dr. Paul Smith, Ms. Addie Louis, Ms. Leah Heath, Dr. Luke Nealey, Ms. Marsha Hobbs, Ms. Christina Jackson, and Col. William Merrill.

If you would like to help contact Ms. Van Uden. 


[email protected]

Phone: 601-624-1390