Obituary: Frito Bill Jr., gone but not forgotten

From Issue 5

Frito-Bill Jr. made his final lap around the Jackson Prep fish bowl on Monday, January 9, 2017. Hearts of adminstration and frequent office visitors broke when they heard that the school’s mascot had unexpectedly passed away.

Frito-Bill’s most loyal administrator, Ms. Manning, says, “It’s been very quiet because his little tank bubbled. We miss him.”

Frito-Bill was well looked after over the holiday season by Ms. Manning. While the cause of his death remains unknown, there have been many suspicions that he was overwhelmed with the new school semester.

Dr. Nealey, who is still in mourning over the loss of his best swim team member, says his favorite thing about Frito-Bill was “just how happy he was by his air rather. He was a happy fish.”

Questions have been raised as to whether a Frito-Bill III will make his way into the lives of Jackson Prep students. While the school knows that Frito-Bill Jr. could never be replaced, they understand that one must move on through these trying times.