Kelly’s Album of the Week: Seven + Mary

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Seven + Mary by Rainbow Kitten Surprise is an album that stands out because of its original sound. Lead singer Sam Melo met his band at Appalachian State University in the heart of bluegrass country. In 2011, the band released Seven + Mary, but they didn’t see much recognition past the college bar scene until their YouTube popularity started to rise. Now RKS is playing almost every major music festival in America and gaining respect of music critics.

The band is a five piece consisting of two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and a lead singer with a voice that has unmatchable qualities. Harmonies and catchy melodies and riffs are staples of this album’s appeal. Unlike most bands, RKS’s vocals have so much depth because each band member has a different part that highlights Melo’s unique voice. “Devil Like Me” and “All That and More (Sailboat)” are two examples of the many unmistakable riffs on this album.

I’ll warn you that it’s likely you’ll get these songs stuck in your head, but catchiness is just a sign of good music. One of my favorite songs on the album is “First Class” because shows Melo’s ability to write about real issues of relationships, and he makes me see a story in my head. The hardships and happiness of relationships seems to be the main theme of this album’s lyrics. “Doesn’t leaving me mean a little less if you left my life/But never loved to begin with?,” from “Seven” is an example of Melo’s tricky lyrics that are packed with interesting viewpoints of love.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a band you should keep your eye on. Their second album, RKS, is jam packed with great songs, too. If you want to see RKS in concert, they will be at Duling Hall Monday, October 2. Be sure to check out Seven + Mary and see what you think.

About the author: As an avid listener of music, guitar player, singer, and band member, I thought it might be fun to give my two cents about music I enjoy. I’m a fan of most genres, but really I just want to hear music with some artistic merit. I hope to get people to listen to music they haven’t heard and see if they like it. Also, feel free to suggest any music for me to listen to.

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