GUEST EDITORIAL: Why I shaved my head at halftime

From Issue 3

When Ben Johnson told me I should go bald for the JA game while filming the JA video at the Madison airport with Ms. Scruggs, I jokingly told him to shut up or I just might do it. Apparently, neither Ben nor Andrew Purvis, who was also helping us film, realized there was a joke involved.

To be fair, I was about 30% serious myself, which, for such a proposition, is pretty serious. However, Ben and Purvis were far more serious than I, and when word got out to the rest of the Male Cheerleaders the level of seriousness went off the charts. Blake Painter and Sam Drennan were particularly serious about me going bald during the pep rally prior to the JA game.

Eventually we decided to shave my head bald between school and the game at 5 PM. I scheduled an appointment with a barber a week before the game and everything. We were going to live stream it on Instagram. We were excited.

Then, the day before, we completely shifted gears. We cancelled the appointment and decided to shave my head bald during halftime of the game, but, about 30 minutes before halftime, I sort of chickened out and decided to only buzz my head instead of going bald. The reason for this was that I had a college visit that Monday. 

Anyway, we went through with it, and now I have significantly less hair on my head than I did before. Despite all the hype that surrounded the event, people were and are still confused about why exactly I did it.

My motives were simple. I wanted to get as many people as possible hyped up for this game. We had already premiered our video that day, which did most of the work for us, but we wanted to make sure we went above and beyond expectations; so we shaved my head in the middle of a football game against our main rival. What more can you ask for? I wanted to do something that had never been done before to get the student section more riled up and excited, and hopefully me losing a pound or two of hair helped out with that at least a little.