The USMCA is a win for Americans

From Issue 5

North American leaders sign the USMCA on November 30, 2018. Photo courtesy of The White House

What if I told you that there was a single act that Congress could pass that would add 176,000 jobs and $68.2 billion to the American economy? Wouldn’t you want passing this act to be Congress’s top priority? The good news is that President Trump has negotiated just such a trade deal, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that would replace the disastrous NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, ratified in 1994. The bad news is that House Democrats, under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have delayed the USMCA’s passage for over a year.

NAFTA is so outdated that it lists telegraphs as a form of communication but fails to mention the internet. The United States-Mexico-Canada agreement has support from both Canada, even with a liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and Mexico, which has already ratified it.

More American exports would be sent to Canada and Mexico, boosting our agricultural and automotive industries while providing more jobs and higher wages for workers. Even Speaker Pelosi recognizes the bipartisan support and benefits from the USMCA, calling it “the easiest trade deal.” Despite this, Speaker Pelosi keeps putting endless investigations before everyday American workers.

The truth behind the matter is that the Democrats cannot stand the president winning such a large victory for Americans so close to the 2020 elections. It is no coincidence that the Democrats announce a deal on the USMCA on the same day they reveal articles of impeachment against the president. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats have no real results to show for themselves, so they try to take credit for President Trump’s accomplishment. Pelosi stalled the USMCA deal for over a year, so to say that she deserves credit for President Trump’s good negotiating skills is appalling.

If not for President Trump’s historic election in 2016, we would be stuck with the same old trade deal costing Americans hundreds of thousands of potential jobs. The USMCA is yet another example of President Trump’s commitment to everyday Americans and keeping his promises.