Boy’s Soccer Team Bleaches Hair for State Championship

Owen Lundberg gets water after playing in the game.

This year, the boy’s soccer team won their 10th consecutive MAIS state championship. Before the game on February 22nd, most of the soccer team got some form of frosted tips. Some people bleached a streak in their hair, some colored it after with silver or pink, but most did the traditional frosted tips. If you could look around the halls, you would be able to see at least one person with their hair still partially bleached.  

It all started when the team went to Dallas for a soccer tournament during Christmas break. Senior Preston Oden showed up with frosted tips to commemorate the team’s second invitation to the exclusive soccer tournament. But shortly before returning to school after Christmas Break, he dyed his hair back his natural color. 

With the playoffs fast approaching, the seniors started to talk about doing something to raise morale and make the end of this season as special as it could be. Oden said, “I knew this was my last opportunity to have a legitimate excuse to dye my hair, and I think it helped the team bond and gave us confidence.”

It did. After several late-night dying sessions at the Odens’ house, most of the team had at least part of their hair bleached, and they were ready to win. The soccer team ended up beating JA at their home field, giving Prep their 10th soccer state championship in-a-row.