Exercise during coronavirus: Are you keeping fit?

During this pandemic, many of us find ourselves stuck in quarantine. Knowing people of our age in high school, we often feel that do not have much to do at home. When you are bored, you have a tendency to want to eat food. Many people have begun to work from home, which leads many to stress. Many families have gone to the grocery store to stock up for this quarantine, which means a lot of food laying around the house. Sales in junk food went up mainly 30% in the early weeks of quarantine. To avoid the weight gain : exercise, keep yourself busy, and don’t fall back on bad habits. Eating a comfort snack every once and a while is OK too.

Good ideas for exercise:

•A good way to get moving after a few hours of online classes is to take a walk. You can walk with your family, which is a great time to talk or just enjoy the fresh air. You can also just take your pet for a few miles. Whether a brisk or slow walk, it’s nice to move your legs when you have been sitting down or stuck in the house for a while. It’s also important to get some sun if you’re inside most of the day!

•Ab workouts are a great idea if you are feeling like a quick exercise. There are countless videos on the internet to discover and use! One of our favorites is Gabriella Whited’s Intense Ab workout. It’s only 6 minutes, but it’s definitely challenging and makes you feel accomplished. She also has countless other workouts you can try. Another great 5 minute ab workout with Stephanie Mansour is also a really good one to do! 

•Riding bikes is also a really fun way to get exercise. You can make it a leisure ride around your neighborhood or find a trail for a harder and longer bike ride. If you don’t own a bike, running is a great way to get exercise. A quick 20 minute jog at your own pace while listening to music is a fun choice!

•There are many exercise apps out there that you can download to help guide you through workouts. Due to the stay at home circumstances and the closing of gyms/workout facilities, these apps can be very helpful. Many of them are doing free trials currently! At Home Workouts by Daily Burn is a great App to download. They offer workouts specifically to your needs and help set goals for you!