Sentry Picks: What do you want to do first post-quarantine?

Members of The Sentry staff share what they’d like to do first when sheltering-in-place comes to an end. 

“Go see my friends and go out to eat; just do something different I haven’t been able to do.” – Julia Stradinger

“Go enjoy dinner with her friends and get back on the soccer field.” – Anders Morgan

“Get my license and see my friends.”  – Lizzy Kellum 

“I’m gonna go get a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a” – Thomas Wasson

“Hug all of my friends because I haven’t seen them in so long.” -Maggie Boswell

“ Going to go eat and hang out with my friends”- Sayley Crawford 

“Hang out with my friends”. -Caroline Crumpton

“Go to El Sombrero” – Walker Poole

“Visit my grandparents.” – Cass Rutledge

“See my friends and chill with them” – Lily Flowers 

“Meet up with friends” – Dax Murphy 

“Go to the beach”-Mara Liston


“Pick up lunch from Basil’s and go to the Reservoir to hang out with friends” – Lauren Anne Smith

“A big night out with friends  ”-Camp Carter

“Hug my grandparents”- Eliza Maxwell

“Leave the house and not go back for several days.” – Jane Gray Barbour

“Run shrieking through the streets like the maenads. For a culturally acceptable alternative, get take out from Bonsai and stay up all night watching movies with my best friend.” – Hannah Grace Biggs

“Celebrate my family finally leaving the house, so I can enjoy some peace and quiet.” – Joseph Watts

“Hug my grandmother”- Ainsley O’Quinn

“Going to the movie theatre and eating movie theatre popcorn with my friends”- Olivia Moore

“Hang out with friends” Charles Stephenson 

“Go to college”- Russ Upton

“Hugging everyone and going to Little Tokyo” -Aubrey Scott Moak

“Playing music with friends” – Alex Roberson

“Meet up with the buddies.”  – Tanner Gough

“Pack up and say goodbye to all of my friends”- Jake Lange

“Anything that includes leaving my house.” – Mason Nichols

“Hug everybody I haven’t been able to because of social distancing” – Lilly

“Hang out with my friends.” – Lilly Grace Sites

“Get in my car and drive somewhere.” – Caroline Huff

“Go to Waffle House” – Logan Huff

“Hang out with a bunch of my friends.” – Haddon McLeod