Blood drive lets students help others

On Tuesday, November 29, Mississippi Blood Services came to Prep as a part of a M.A.D. project put on by seniors Akhila Adari, Callie Knotts, and Paul Gregg. They were at Prep from 8 to 3, and all donors received a $10 Chik-fil-a gift card as a result of their giving. 

Giving blood is very important because even the small amount each person gives can save someone else’s life. It is especially encouraged to donate blood if your blood type is O negative, known as the universal donor, because it can be given to anyone regardless of blood type. Some people with certain medical conditions can’t donate, though, and all donors who took place in the drive at Prep had to be over 16, so middle and lower school students could not participate.

Akhila said that “​​The blood was a great opportunity for students to give back to the community; much of the success of the drive goes to our involved student body!”

Senior Olivia Thompson, who has a fear of needles, said, “It hurt for a second, but it wasn’t that bad.” Before she got her blood drawn she convinced herself by saying, “At least I know if I pass out it’s for a good cause.”

Junior Cooper McCearley, who gave blood for the first time today said “It took a while but it didn’t really hurt, and I got a free t-shirt!”