Sam’s Simple Sushi Success Story

From Issue 5


‘Twas the night of January twelfth when my fellow companions and I set out on the daring culinary task of creating the daunting sushi dish.

First, I gathered the best chefs I knew, which included Elliot Weill, Haynes Horsley, John Keeler, Paul Andress, and also guest starring Hays Dubberly.

We then set off to gather information from great Oriental restaurants to help our culinary dish.  This included Panda Express, Sushi Village, and Tokyo Express.  With these phenomenal examples to follow and learn from there was no way we could fail.

We then set off to Kroger.  There we found all the key ingredients which included: sushi wraps, gluten-free white rice, pre-cooked crab meat, cucumbers, and guacamole.  While finding these ingredients we did have some minor mishaps such as when Haynes fell and blacked out for a short period of time.  Other than that we found the ingredients with relative ease.

We then set off to to prepare the dish at my favorite cooking venue, John Keeler’s house.  Of course, some waivers had to be signed by the parents saying I was not responsible for any damage or harm that came to the house or kitchen before we could cook.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 2.02.09 PM

Next came the hard part which was actually cooking the dish.  Since I had so many people, I was able to divide the tasks so we could make the ten sushi rolls.

I gave Haynes the job of steaming the rice because of his dexterity.  Next, I gave Paul and Hays the job of cutting the vegetables and wetting the sushi wraps.  Unfortunately for Elliot and John, I gave them the task to roll the sushi rolls.  The two constantly protested to me, asking why I entrusted them with this task.  I replied by saying “You two possess nimble fingers which makes y’all the only ones that can handle the fragile sushi wraps.”

Once I told them this, they became inspired and wrapped the best sushi rolls one has ever seen.

When we presented the sushi rolls to the Sentry class, many people were very surprised of how good looking they were.  Ann Clardy Byrd even declared, “They were better than my mom’s cooking.”

What can be learned from this cooking success is not so much the final product as is the lesson I gave to my young assistants.  This lesson was that good leadership and kind words can inspire people to do great things that they would not normally do.

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