Ginny & Georgia season 2 was a hit

From Issue 5

Ginny & Georgia is a Netflix TV show that first aired on February 24, 2021, quickly gaining popularity. Ginny, Marcus, Hunter, Georgia– the internet was flooding with TikToks and other videos about the characters. The finale was a big cliffhanger, so season 2 could not come any quicker for the fans. Speculations were created based on season 1, and fans were ready than ever for the next season. It was finally released on January 5, 2023, causing the new season of Ginny &Georgia to start trending. 

This new season contained many new surprises. The drama from season 1 is far from over. Ginny and Hunter are now officially broken up, and Marcus is now more in the picture. Paul and Georgia are preparing for their wedding. Ginny’s friend group of Max, Nora, and Abby, aka MANG, does not exist anymore. Ginny and her brother, Austin, ran away to Ginny’s dad’s house after Ginny found out some of Georgia’s secrets. Many relationships have been broken, but they will soon be repaired. 

This season really shows the struggles of mental health and depression, especially shown in Ginny and Marcus. It dives way deeper into how Marcus and Ginny deal with their different life struggles. It also depicts abuse in relationships–Georgia was abused by Austin’s dad Gil. He returns in this season and continues the abuse and threats. There is also murder, even more than the first season. I really like how this season is a lot deeper than season one and conveys some major struggles that a lot of people go through. 

Overall, season two was a hit. It was not as corny as the first season; it was a lot more mature. We see the character development of most of the characters, mostly Ginny, Austin, Max, and Marcus. The end, of course, was another huge cliffhanger. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for season 3