Series Preview: “Moon Knight” on Disney+

Moon Knight is a new Marvel Cinematic Universe show coming out on Disney plus on March 30th. It is about the origins of the character Moon Knight as well as his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the character is already well established. In the Marvel Comic Universe, specifically Earth 616, the main universe of the comics, Moon Knight or Marc Spector started off as a mercenary who was left for dead in the desert of Egypt. Marc was revived by the Egyptian Moon God Khonshu, and made his high priest as well as a vessel to do his will on earth. Moon Knight protects those who travel at night and brings justice on the streets. One of his recognizable characteristics is his D.I.D or, Dissociative Identity Disorder, a rare mental condition that causes a person to switch personalities. He has multiple different personas that he switches to at random; such as millionaire Steven Grant, and cab driver Jake Lockey.

A sneak peak into the Moon Knight main character.

Moon Knight is a complex character and it will be interesting to see how his origins are portrayed on screen. Many fans have questions about how much of this origin will be included in the show, but most have trust in Marvel studios as they have followed source material well as they have in the past. The series could potentially fail if they do not stick to the source material. There are several book to movie adaptations that have failed to correctly portray the origin story of their corresponding character. An example of such is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. The screenwriters and director decided it would be a good idea to diverge from the already established pre-rebellion history of the Star Wars universe and this left many older fans outraged. This is the primary cause of old Star Wars fans’ hatred for the prequels and its ultimate failure on screen. Marvel fans can only hope that Moon Knight does not suffer a similar fate.

He will be played by Oscar Isacc who is most well known for playing Poe Dameron in the sequel Star Wars Trilogy. The trailer premiered the night of the 49ers vs. Cowboys game on Nickelodeon and Fox. The trailer featured Marc Spector explaining that he cannot tell the difference between his “waking life and dreams.” It shows Ethan Hawke playing in the role of Arthur Harrow, a psychiatrist who will help Marc with his D.I.D. 

The trailer looks to however show a much darker side of Marvel with the fight scenes being more brutal than the average Marvel Cinematic Universe feature. There are many rumored cameos to appear in the show from people in The Midnight Sun, an Anti-Hero version of the Avengers from the comics.  It is believed he could be featured in future projects such as Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness, which would be a great addition to his story and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Overall, Moon Knight has the potential to be one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe projects of all time. Marvel super-fans and casuals alike should be excited for the show’s release on March 30th.