‘Dead Space’ remake gives new life to classic game

The Dead Space franchise has finally received an addition to its roster of games with the release of a remake of the original Dead Space.

This remake, released on January 27, 2023, is just as good if not better than the original game. It modernizes the mechanics, graphics, and even the story all in an effort to make it more accessible to new fans. For example, the new circuit breaker mechanic adds tension to the gameplay by making you choose where to divert power. Crucial elements to gameplay such as lights, doors, mission objectives, oxygen, elevators, and more are all governed by this system in certain areas. For example, you are forced to turn off the lights to power an elevator, which adds tension to an already explored area.

Other additions include new paths that connect remote areas of the ship to main areas, a system of fast travel using a tram, and a face and voice for Isaac Clarke, the main character. 

There are also numerous graphical and audio changes that enhance the atmosphere of the game. Graphical changes include better lighting, higher resolution textures, realistic effects, and more. The changes are a modernization of the original graphics of the game and it is everything you would expect to be in a recent game.

Audio changes include revising much of the sound design to modern standards to make the game more immersive and thrilling. There are ambient sounds like something moving around you that could be in another room or in a vent, the sound design of the monsters are fitting, the guns sound expectedly futuristic as they are usually laser weapons, and the soundtrack adds another layer of fear and thrill to gameplay.

The main story, while expanding on certain points, stays very faithful to the original. Combat also stays the same with focusing on removing the limbs of enemies instead of shooting the body or head. There are some minor changes to combat such as the change of the pulse rifle’s original ability, a bullet cyclone, and a proximity mine fired from the gun. Zero gravity mechanics and animations seen in Dead Space 2 and 3 have been added as well, allowing you to move more freely in sections of the ship unaffected by gravity so you can explore these sections of the ship with ease thanks to modernizing this component of gameplay.

Overall, the game is a very accurate and faithful  recreation by developers who listened to their audience and addressed the problems of the original to create an even better experience.