Junior High Book Club

From Issue 5


7th grade girls Anna Voynik and Havens Smith are excited for book club. Photo by John Henry Andress

Ms. Allison Smith leads the Junior High Book Club. The book club was originally started by another English teacher, but now she gets to lead the club. Currently, the book club is reading A Dog’s Purpose!, by W. Bruce Cameron. The book club members vote on the books during their meetings, and they meet once a month in Ms. Smith’s room.

She guides the book club meetings, but she loves to hear about what the students thought and their input. The club currently includes eight seventh grade girls, and Ms. Smith wants to encourage anyone in seventh or eighth grade who is interested in the book club to join. They communicate by using Google Classroom. She also said that it teaches kids to learn to love reading, which is very important in this modern world. Also, she said, “The book club is a safe place for students to share how they are connected with the characters.”

Ms. Smith said that her favorite book was A Crooked Kind of Perfect because she loves how the narrator talks through a kid’s perspective on life.