Freshman International student: Brittany Jiang

By Tynes Carroll, Editor

Brittany Jiang is one of Prep’s newest foreign exchange students this year. She is a ninth grader from Southwestern China and loves art. Brittany traveled to Prep during the summer and attended the Jackson Prep International Summer Camp in July of this year. She visited Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle with her family before coming to Jackson in the summer of this year.

Jiang is fluent in both Chinese and English and is continuing to further her English speaking skills here at Prep. Brittany said that her favorite part of America is the free time that she has during the school day here compared to her school in China. When asked what she thought was the strangest thing she had seen in America, Jiang responded, “I haven’t encountered it yet!”

Jiang’s favorite subject in school is math, and she loves the experiences Prep has given her over the past three months. You can find Brittany in the art room, behind a camera, running for the cross country team, or helping friends with math homework.  Be sure to welcome Brittany to the #prepfamily!