8th graders prep for Washington D.C. trip

From Issue 6

Spring Break might be over, but the eighth graders still have a trip to look forward to. Mr. Kevin Robichaux, eighth grade history teacher, is taking his annual trip to Washington D.C. with a group of students. They will leave for  D.C. on April 26 and return on the 30th. A total of 47 students are going on the trip, along with chaperons Ms. Gale Cado, Ms. Lee Waits, and Ms. Holly Welch, who are all Prep teachers.

Those going will visit many historical monuments and museums, including Mount Vernon and the Civil War battlefield. Chosen students will participate in the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery while the others watch. To make things a little interesting, they are going on a haunted tour of a small town in Virginia, which always proves to be a favorite among the students. One thing different from the previous trips is that this year they are going to Ford’s Theatre, the site where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

When asked why he chooses to take students to D.C., Mr. Robichaux replied, “It is very rewarding to me when I see the students get excited about some of the things we learned in class.” Eighth grader Burdee Kellum says, “I am really excited to get to hang out with my friends and see things we’ve learned about.”  

Photos by Mara Liston