Catching up with Michael Causey

From Issue 2

Jackson Prep sophomore Michael Causey has been racing for many years now. Causey took up car racing at the age of 9. Ever since his dad took him to a NASCAR race, he knew what he wanted to do. Causey considers his father his number one fan. “I owe a lot to my dad. He has helped me accomplish my dreams and supported me through it all,” said Causey.

The racing season is typically March to October, so don’t plan on seeing a lot of Causey during this time. A normal “race day” consists of getting to the track around noon and getting everything together for the afternoon. Practice typically starts at 4, and then the real thing–3 races total, 2 of which are qualifying races, and one a feature race. In preparation for a race, oil and tires must be changed to make sure everything is as good as new.  

Michael Causey celebrates his first place victory at Sunny South Academy. Photo courtesy of Michael Causey.

Causey has won a total of 8 races this year, and he plans to add more in the coming weeks. He recently went to a race in Mobile, Alabama, on August 11. Causey has high expectations for himself since he placed fourth in the 2017 Nationals with around 200 other opponents. He plans to go back to Nevada for Nationals in October. 

Causey takes great pride in the look of his car, which has his lucky number 17 painted on the side. Having a bright future ahead, Causey aims to keep growing as a racer and improving his skills to reach his maximum potential. “It’s something I love doing. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t racing, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” said Causey.