Who are the teams we love to hate?


Genevieve Hurst

Emory’s angry about something…possibly one of the teams he loves to hate.

Every sports fan has their favorite team, the team that they invest their emotions into and whose victories provide a sense of satisfaction. They also have certain teams that they just despise. Their blood boils when those teams’ names are even mentioned. When those teams lose, it’s sometimes better than their own team winning. 

Many times, hatred is formed along rivalry lines. In Mississippi, the Egg Bowl rivalry between State and Ole Miss is an easy example. As a State fan, on Saturdays in college football season I have two teams I am rooting for:  State and whoever Ole Miss happens to be playing. However, there are some teams that are so despised, so hated that you don’t even have to be a fan of their rival to root against them. If sports were World War II, they would be Germany. These are the sports teams I would like to highlight in this piece. 

New England Patriots:  Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The Emperor and Darth Vader. The Hooded Coach and his Assassin. These two men have had a stranglehold on the NFL for almost two decades, and even though Tom Brady may be on the wrong side of 40, he claims he still has years left in the tank. When the Eagles defeated them in the Super Bowl last season, it was a victory for all of America outside of New England. Yes, they are hated because they win a lot (that will be a common theme among these teams), but it also has to do with the scandals that have marked the franchise:  Spygate, Aaron Hernandez, and Deflategate. Add that to Belichick having the personality of a doorknob and Brady considering himself the Second Coming, and you have the recipe for a team who is widely hated. 

Duke Basketball:  Grayson Allen. J.J. Redick. Christian Laettner. Duke has a long list of some of the most hated players in college basketball history. To many, Duke basketball comes across as a bunch of spoiled white kids who are whiny and complain. Under Coach K, they have had over thirty years of success and have been a mainstay in March Madness. Some people love Duke, but many people every March don’t care who wins the Tournament as long as it isn’t Duke. 

Alabama Football:  They just won’t stop winning. They’ve made the College Football Playoff every year of its existence. Even when you think you have them beat or have a chance, they’ll have a miracle (i.e. Tua last year and Jalen Hurts this year) or get bailed out by a ref. Saban is the Belichick of college (although that may be an understatement for the dominance he has had on the sport). Almost every game Bama has played under Saban has had national championship significance. Their fans will say Roll Tide instead of telling you good morning. One day, there will be a day when they aren’t this good (maybe 9-3??), and their fans might all collapse because they don’t know how to lose. What a day it shall be. Although at this point, I don’t know if it will ever come. 

New York Yankees:  27 World Series. They have so much money that they will pay exorbitant sums to land every big name free agent. Some people hate the Yankees so much that the sight of pinstripes makes them puke. Players such as A-Rod and Roger Clemens in their recent past don’t help their cause. 

Dallas Cowboys:  The so-called “America’s team” rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Much of this has to do with Jerry Jones, their owner who seems to think he is also the coach. They used to be a dominant force in the NFL, but they are in the midst of a long Super Bowl drought. I can’t think of many other reasons as to why people hate the Cowboys, but they just do. 

Golden State Warriors:  Before Kevin Durant, the Warriors were respected. Now, that snake has made them an ultra super team that has ruined the NBA. I personally hope they lose every single time they take the floor (although most of the time I am sorely disappointed). Draymond Green also doesn’t help. He’s the ultimate drama queen brat who would complain about a foul call if he tackled the player. He’s always whining. I wish Steph Curry would play for another team. I like him, but I just can’t root for him if he’s on the Warriors. Maybe LeBron can get someone to come to LA to finally beat them or they’ll destruct from within.

Jackson Prep Football:  I had to end with this one. 7 state championships in a row. Our coaches say we are the Evil Empire for a reason. Just when you think you have us defeated, we come back to break your heart. Word to the wise:  don’t talk about where your championship party is going to be before you actually win. 33-27.