Track season off to a sprinting start

From Issue 6


John Henry Andress

On your mark…get set…

With spring just around the corner, athletes are ready to hit the ground running for track season. The coaches are just as excited for the season to begin as the students. Coach Rusty Burke and Coach Marcus Thompson both agreed that they are anticipating a state championship caliber season. The coaches also predicted that Prep is going to dominate in the running events, which consist of sprints, a variety of relays, and distance. 

For the girls who run distance, Coach Meredith Lang said they were “just a bunch of girls, who like to work hard and improve on their own personal goals, and it makes a fun season.” On the other hand, Coach Thompson jokingly said, “The spirit of the team is that they hate practice but love to compete.”  

There are a variety of people who show up to practice and Coach Burke commented, “Everyone should try track, either to come out and compete or even to just get in shape because it’s the greatest sport in the world!”  Everyone is hard at work, as they officially started practice January 28th. 

With all the hard work the athletes and coaches are putting in for the 2019 track season, the Patriots seem likely to have a successful season.  

Some of the athletes were able to answer questions about the upcoming season and give their insight of what it will hold.