National Honor Society takes in Boston

From Issue 9


On March 27, the National Honor Society took a trip to Boston, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas. This trip was only open to juniors and seniors in the National Honor Society, however, students must have an average of a 93 or higher in all of their academic classes.

During their four days of traveling, they visited many different places with two other schools, one from Colorado and the other from San Francisco. All three schools visited popular places, such as the Freedom Trail and the location of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. Here, they learned lots of information about the Revolutionary War.  They also walked on Harvard’s campus in Cambridge, went on a ghost tour, and visited the Salem Witch Museum.

Mackenzie Nichols, a senior and a two-year veteran of the NHS, she said, “On the last night of the trip, we went on a ghost tour of Boston, and everyone really loved it! It was fun hearing about some of the spooky history in Boston since it is so historic. One of my favorite fun facts that I learned on this day was that people with daughters of age for marriage would paint their doors blue to let potential suitors know that an ‘available’ daughter lived in the household.”