Intramural sports return to Prep by demand of the student body president

From Issue 2


Rendering by Alex Roberson

Rendering by Alex Roberson

This year, student body president Alex Stradinger has brought intramural sports back to Prep. As part of his campaign for president, Alex promised intramural sports for the student body, and he delivered. Students voted for which intramural sports they wanted, and six were chosen: Volleyball, Paintball, Basketball, Spikeball, Ping Pong, and Ultimate Frisbee.

Intramural sports used to be offered at Prep years ago, and Stradinger wanted to bring them back. “The Student Council is looking forward to finally starting up the intramural sports and making them a regular part of the Prep experience,” says Stradinger.

Students are just as excited for the upcoming seasons as Stradinger. Anna Reagan Mask (12th grade) says, “I’m so excited to play Paintball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Ping Pong with my friends because it is another chance to hang out and have fun.”

For each sport, the participating students will form teams and practice on their own if they so choose. The games will usually be held on weekends until the semi finals and championships, which will be held during activity period. A new season will start each nine weeks and registration will reopen. Everyone can participate in as many seasons they like. Team rosters will be due for all sports on the first of December, and games will begin shortly after.

Andrew Purvis (12th grade), who is in charge of basketball, said, “I’m so pumped to see the undiscovered talent in these sports.” Because there are fewer commitments, intramurals will be a fun activity that hopefully lack the stress sometimes associated with varsity sports.