COD: Modern Warfare Returns

From Issue 4


Disclaimer: There are NO spoilers about the Campaign.

On October 25, 2019, the video game developer Infinity Ward released one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. At the 2019 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) convention in June of 2019, video game publisher Activision released the initial information for the 5th installment of the Modern Warfare

series.Many consider Modern Warfare 2 (2009) to be the best game of the series, but, after the release of Modern Warfare (2019), people’s opinions might change. The previous issues of Modern Warfare have not been well received, which might affect the willingness of people to continue buying editions in this series.

Modern Warfare (2019) was released with three initial editions. The Standard Edition is listed at the price of $60, while the Operator Edition is listed for $80, and the Operator Enhanced Edition is listed for $100. The Standard Edition comes only with the standard Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special-Ops packs. If you pay $20 more, you get the Operator Edition Pack for Multiplayer, which gives you special skins for your Operator (character) and the standard Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special-Ops packs. For avid fans of the Modern Warfare series, the $100 Operator Enhanced Edition is an enticing option. The Enhanced Edition provides many in-game ‘treats’ for the popular Multiplayer game mode as well as the Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special-Ops packs.
Modern Warfare (2019) has three general game modes to choose from: Campaign, Multiplayer, and Special Ops.

The highly anticipated Campaign mode allows the play- er to partner with special forces and freedom fighters to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. Covert operations will take the player across Europe and the Middle East in order to stop full scale global war. Due to the fact that I

have not completely finished the campaign, I can not give an overall review of the game mode. Playing the Campaign, I have been blown away by the sensational graphics and lifelike movements and situations that the game has to offer.

The creators of the game consulted former military personnel to achieve the near flawless lifelike details of the game, such as movement, signals, loading/un- loading of weapons, and weapon

fire. The Multiplayer game mode is the most played, as friends can play cross-platform on different gaming consoles. Many outfits are available for the Operators, as well as many customizable weapons for the players to use. Different outfits can be earned from completing missions within Campaign and completing specific challenges in Multiplayer. Players start out Multiplayer at rank 1 and progress ranks through XP that they earn through play- ing online multiplayer games. As each player ranks up, they are rewarded with new weapons. Some of the better weapons in the game are only unlocked at higher ranks. This challenges players to work hard to try and unlock the best weapons.

The weapons within Multiplayer are fully customizable with options from weapon skins to weapon attachments. To customize weapons within Multi- player, the player must unlock each attachment and skin by do- ing challenges and leveling up the weapon. As the player uses a specific weapon more and more while getting more kills with it, the weapon will level up, unlock- ing specific attachments at each level. Weapon skins are unlocked by completing weapon challenges, such as get 25 pointblank kills, get 10 headshot kills, or get 5 kills while crouching.

With so many challenges to be completed, players are competing all the time to try and unlock some of the rare achievements that the game has to offer.

The Special-Ops game mode is intended for Online play with friends. Players can team up online with their buddies and take on missions together. These missions are somewhat similar to Campaign, as the player does not fight against other online players. Special-Ops is a great casual game mode to play with friends and provides a break from the stressful online fighting of Multi- player.