Prep welcomes Inky Johnson to Jackson

The newest addition to the Global Leadership Institute’s lineup of forum speakers may just be the best. On January 16, Prep welcomes Inky Johnson, a respected inspirational speaker and mentor to youth. Johnson uses his extensive athletic background, including his career as a defensive back on the University of Tennessee football team, to inspire his listeners to overcome hardship. However, his message does not stem from his biggest highlights, but his darkest moment.


Johnson addresses the crowd.

Inky was a guaranteed first-round draft pick, a multi-millionaire in the making. His path was simple, all he had to do was play ten more games and he would be living his life-long dream. However, on September 9, 2006, everything changed. In the fourth quarter against Air Force, Johnson laid a hit on the opposing running back that left him breathless. First while laying on the turf at Neyland Stadium and next while laying in a hospital bed, he was told he would never play football again. Although the collision left him with nerve damage in his right shoulder, it did not damage his spirit.

    Since then, Johnson has used his darkest moment to propel other people through their challenges. Spreading his message of perseverance and strength, he has resonated with audiences around the United States. These audiences include the United States’ Air Force, Fort Knox Military Base, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the University of Tennessee, and Duke University. Johnson’s high energy style will undoubtedly leave an impression on the Jackson Prep campus.