Z Day joins the lineup for 2020-2021 Prep schedule

Jackson Prep’s schedule has undergone changes in recent years, and the 2020-2021 school year will be no different. Small tweaks will be made to the schedule in order to better include forums and other special events.

Beginning next year, the regular daily schedule will include a break long enough to house forums any day. This gets rid of the miscommunication on whether certain events make a day a “forum day” or not. 

A new addition tested out this year, “Z-day” will be making a return as a standard class day. At the beginning of each new semester, the school will have a Z-day so that students can meet with all of their classes in a single day.

There will also a Z-day at the end of the semester so that students can meet with every class before starting exams.  

Another change will remove late-start days. Early dismissals will be the only sort of half-day used for teacher meetings, after-school events, and holidays. Half days all be standard A, B, or C days and not Z-days.