The Last Dance: a look inside the Chicago Bulls

From Issue 8

Highly regarded as the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan took the NBA by storm as a part of the legendary Chicago Bulls team of the 1990’s. As the team was planning to part ways with its head coach Phil Jackson after the ‘97-’98 season, the star studded Bulls lineup had one last season as a unified group. As the ‘97 season started in early fall, Phil Jackson headlined the season as “The Last Dance” a theme that would forever bring back memories to all sports fans around the world. 

This 10 part documentary initially aired on April 19, 2020 with new episodes releasing every week. This documentary showcases film from a camera crew that had an all-access pass to “The Last Dance” Bulls during their final season together.

Much is revealed about the team as the show highlights the star players in different episodes. After Michael Jordan gave the producers the go-ahead, this documentary was finally aired after 20 years in the making. The film was originally scheduled to be released in June, but as the 2019-20 NBA season was canceled due to COVID-19 the show was released earlier for basketball fans to enjoy during this unexpected hiatus of the sport. 

The first two episodes were undoubtedly the highlight of the quarantine. Tiger King’s Carol Baskin must feel lucky, because the late Jerry Krause of the Bulls is the new most hated man in America. It is evident the Bulls squad did not like him, considering Michael Jordan would trash talk him every time he could. Episode one gave us an intro to the series and an inside look at the career of Jordan. It was spectacular to say the least. Episode two was a mixture of a continuation of the season for the ‘97-’98 Bulls squad and a background on Scottie Pippen, the Robin to Jordans Batman. Episode three highlighted the life of the diva-like Dennis Rodman and the rivalry between the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. Episode 4 gave an in-depth look at the background of Phil Jackson and how he came to lead the Bulls to those many championships. Episode 5 recalls the 1992 US Olympic “Dream Team” and Jordan’s relationship with the late Kobe Bryant. Episode 6 takes a look at Jordan’s retirement and return during the 1990’s. Episodes 7 and 8 release on May 10th, while the finale of episodes 9 and 10 conclude the documentary on May 17th.