So close, yet so far: social distancing rules clarified


Since school started on August 11, Prep students have been required to follow new Covid-related protection guidelines suggested by state, national, and international health agencies like the Mississippi Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization. Among requirements were social distancing where possible and masks at all times indoors.

Our goal is to be on campus for learning and activities all year long.

— Mr. Lawrence Coco

While students have largely done well at wearing their masks inside, many have started slacking with social distancing, particularly outside. 

Because of this, and additional guidance from the Mississippi Department of Health, Head of School Mr. Lawrence Coco announced new instructions for students while outside on the morning of August 20. In his announcement, he said that “when outside, all students, faculty and staff not socially distanced (within 6 feet) must wear a face covering.” Coco implied that school officials would be checking to make sure that this was occurring. 

This slightly tightened system would still allow space and time for everyone to get a breath of fresh air by taking their mask off outside, but only when they are following correct social distancing protocols. The aim is to keep everyone in the safest position possible to stay in school and continue on-campus learning and activities. 

Mr. Coco said he empathizes with everyone. “I don’t like wearing masks either,” he said. “As an administration, though, our goal is to be on campus for learning and activities all year long.” He is optimistic that the small changes to these rules would create a better environment for everyone as he hopes this will “push us to do a little bit of a better job.”