Grades 9-12 go temporarily remote to fight spread of virus

Empty hallways, even between classes, as the senior high school shifts temporarily to remote learning (staff)

On Friday, November 6, Head of School Lawrence Coco announced grades 9-12 would move to remote learning from Monday, November 9 to Wednesday, November 11. This came as the Prep community experienced an uptick in COVID-19 cases beginning on Monday, November 2. 

Grades 6-8 are remaining on campus, which falls under the “JP Hybrid” plan since some students are on campus and some are remote. Currently, the daily schedule is the same despite the switch to the hybrid plan. Prep emphasized that the campus is not closed and that extracurricular activities and sports will continue take place on campus.

Some students were sent home last week after being identified via contact tracing. This is a process where the school contacts a student who has tested positive for COVID to find out who has been in close contact with that student. They will then send those students home to wait for five days since exposure to the virus, and they are then tested for the virus. 

Senior Aubrey Scott Moak, who experienced the virus recently, said, “I was so surprised to actually get a positive test, but Prep made it so easy for me to join remotely and not get behind. I didn’t have terrible symptoms so COVID wasn’t an awful experience for me personally but one I will remember for sure.” 

Senior Hunter Yelverton voiced a similar sentiment, saying, “I never thought I would have the infamous coronavirus, but here we are today. I’ve been quarantined at my house for several days now. My symptoms lasted for about four days, but I’m feeling healthy now. Being at home is hard but with apps like Zoom and FaceTime, I’m making it. This virus is dangerous but nothing we can’t handle together.” 

The infamous coronavirus as rendered by graphics editor Alex Roberson (Graphic by Alex Roberson)

One of the teachers who recently tested positive was English instructor and yearbook adviser Ms. Anna Griffin. When asked about her experience with corona, she said, “I didn’t expect to feel this bad for so long. Every day, I keep thinking, ‘today is the day that I’ll get back to feeling well,’ but so far every day brings a headache and crushing fatigue. I’m really surprised. And as much as I love food, I can’t taste anything. Do you think that I get the calories from my granddaughter’s Goldfish if I can’t taste them?”

At this point, Prep is planning to have affected grades back on campus on Thursday morning, but this plan could be revised as the situation with COVID changes.

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