Meet the sophomore cheerleaders

From Issue 4

Sammie Zoog and Elam Roberson are this year’s sophomore cheerleaders. 

Sophomore cheerleader Elam Roberson cheers at the Prep vs. Heritage football game. (Lily Flowers)

When Elam and Sammie found out they made the cheer team they were very excited for the season ahead. 

Elam Roberson, when talking about how there are only two sophomores, said, “I wasn’t nervous when I found out there were two sophomores, I like it better being only two.” Sammie Zoog was very curious as to how the season would play out with it just being two sophomores. 

So far, Sammie and Elam are loving the cheer team. They both love the pep rallies and have had so much fun dressing out for them. 

Sophomore cheerleader Sammie Zoog caps off the pyramid.

Sammie said when talking about the pep rallies, “My favorite pep rally was the Doubles Day, it was so fun being a Pacer!” They have both loved making new friends, the pep rallies, and the games. They are sad that the coronavirus has led to the season being very different, one example is the students not being able to come to the games. 

Overall, they have loved being on the varsity cheer team and are looking forward to the rest of the year.